Keep it Simple! Start Early To Work

Start Early To work To Improve Productivity

Before delving into the benefits of why starting your work day early is essential, let us try to fog out some debatable issues in the first place. Early Birds vs Night Owls always remain a hot controversial topic of which breed increases the productivity in the long run. Forget about the researches that claims to work based on the “body clock”. Well, it may be intimidating for the night owls to stick to their pattern from these researchers which conveniently justifies their work habits.

But let’s take a more practical approach. We are not going to talk about the scientific factors or other related research studies that supports the natural “body clock”. We are going to see this early to work approach with respect to the most densely populated countries like India, China or any crazy traffic cities in that sense.

Top 3 factors to consider

If there is a single habit that can make your life simpler & less complicated, then why can’t we just give it a try! The following factors are just a tip of the iceberg that directly impacts your personal as well as professional life.

Traffic Can’t Get Crazy Anymore

“According to Uber survey, Top 4 Indian cities alone contribute to 149% more congestion when compared to the entire Asia”

Source : India Today

This clearly shows that apart from peak traffic hours these long hauling hours in the signals and not to forget the tropical weather condition may lead to drain you physically and mentally which takes a toll on your overall well being in the long run.

As I said before, think of the traffic in a developing country where you can expect many vehicles of various sizes along with uninvited animal visitors staring right in the middle of the road. If you start a few hours earlier before the actually work peak time hits the city, you are doing good to your city by reducing your vehicle footprint as well as doing good to your heart health with no commuting tension.

Stay Focused Whole Day

Stop checking in your office at 10 or 11 instead hop in few hours early. Try to come early and leave early. Many studies shows that the size of your brain is literally bigger in size than the rest of the day at the early morning hours which makes people to stay more alert in first part of the day! Whoa That’s an interesting angle!

When you are early to your office , you will be in a quiet blissful environment, no keywords buzzing or no emails/messages pop-up your inbox as most of your work force people are not shown up still.

You can write a productive to-do list and make a plan for the day, sort out the priority work and analyze the pending works. Psychologically when your mind will be relaxed, you will be more focused on decision making and fully energized for the day ahead.

Achieve The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Checking in early to work and leaving before the main traffic creeps in, has several advantages, of which maintaining a perfect work-life balance is one of the essential things. We are always on the toe, running behind 8 hours of work, earning your single bread , all for your family at the end of the day.

Thus , now you don’t want to miss out your kid’s after school activities or take care of the pending petty house errands or simply spend your evenings with your loved ones, which recharges your soul & Mind

Early birds get the hay is true to today’s fast paced world. Do you need to stand out among the working professional and create a work culture impact or follow the routine mundane boring work time which half of the population is currently following.

Wrapping Up

Take a call and get a better quality of life by changing a single habit. Because, there is “a” life beyond your work. Grab your favorite cappuccino & be an early birder! Who knows, someone in your office may soon follow your footsteps and slowly you can create a positive movement

Facts about MacBook Air

  • Cost efficient and longer battery life

MacBook Air is more affordable than the other versions of MacBook notebooks like MacBook Pro models. Even a 13-inch MacBook Air with a 1.8GHz processor and 128 GB SSD storage sells below $1000. A 13-inch MacBook Air has more battery life which gives a 14 hour uninterrupted browsing experience.

  • USB Ports and SD Card slots

MacBook Air has a regular dual USB 3.0 ports which perfectly fits many of the peripherals which still uses the square type USB Type-A connector. Thus, these regular USB port size prevents from buying an array of dongles and adapters. Also, if you use an SLR camera or any regular camera, MacBook Air provides his user with a separate slot for SD Card. Unlike, in other latest models like MacBook Pro where we need to use a card reader or attach a USB cable from the camera to the laptop to use these SD cards.

  • MagSafe Connector

For power connector, MacBook Air uses the old MagSafe Connector, which does not crash to the floor when we stumble upon the power cord accidentally. Instead, it automatically detaches the cable from the MacBook Air if there we put any pressure on the cord. This ensures the notebook safety from physical damage.

  • Sharp Face Time Call

With 720-pixel high definition camera, MacBook Air allows the users to make Facetime calls across various Apple devices to iPhone 4 or later, iPad and other Mac products. The widescreen format gives a broader coverage and does not compromise on the image clarity, even if they are on the other side of the world. The dual mic in Air makes the Facetime call even clearer and louder which intelligently detects your voice and reduce the background noise by using the adaptive audio beam.

  • LED Display

With a resolution of 1440×900 pixel, MacBook Air gives a vibrant, colourful visual experience to the viewers with the help of LED backlighting feature. These are more useful to jobs which involves photo editing, creating presentations and video making process.

  • Built-in light sensor and backlit keyboard

MacBook Air can be worked even in the dimmest lighting with the use of the backlit keyboard feature. Also, it contains a unique built-in feature which automatically adjusts your notebook screen’s brightness and contrasts accordingly to ambiance you work on. For example, it will alter the light of the screen when you are sitting on a patio on a bright sunny day or increase the brightness slightly when you work on a night flight. This is possible by the ambient light sensor feature in the MacBook Air model.

  • Spacious Multi-Touch Trackpad

Whether it’s a three-finger touch to get a bird’s-eye view of everything that runs on the MacBook which activates the mission control or a found-finger pinch to view all the apps in the launchpad, multi-touch gestures in MacBook Air undoubtedly engage its user in a fun and intuitive way.

Thus, learn more about the various models of the MacBook Air and take an informed decision in owning any of the MacBook products. Also, sell your old MacBook product through a trusted website and get upgraded to a new version of the Mac notebooks.

Top Email Archiving Solutions in 2018

Email communication from over the past few decades has become an integral part of effective two-way communication platform to keep track of work records. Every organization is looking for several ways to store their old emails in a safe and secure environment and at the same time an ability to retrieve the old email in a hassle free way.

Here are some of the top email archiving solution providers which has got excellent customer feedback over the years.

  1. Barracuda Archiver

Barracuda archiver provides a complete solution for all your Email archiving needs. It greatly helps in reducing the data load put on the main mail server. It does not charge extra amount for additional users. It allows the user to set up this email archiver either through active directory or LDAP directories.

The Barracuda Archives USB is Retention, Compliance, and e-discovery.
Barracuda includes some of the key features like,

Easy access control
• Data deduplication
• Backup and Compliance Management
• Data Retention
• Storage
• Encryption
• Threat protection

It quickly integrates into the email system within an hour. The uses can deploy into several locations like Cloud, SaaS or Web. Also, they provide 24/7 support with training sessions through webinar as well.

2. The email laundry

Now you can store all your email and attachments in one central repository system. Over 10000 organizations use this email archiving solution which makes it be the widely used email archiving solution among its competitors.
The email laundry USB is threat intelligence, advanced predictive analytics, and impersonation detection.

Some of the salient features of ‘The email laundry’ archiving solutions are,

Effective defense against ransomware, viruses and malicious attacks.
• Earlier Threat Detection
• Developed by In-House R&D Department.
• Excellent 24/7 Support With a 5-Star rating

3. Mail Server

MailStore server uses flat thunderbolt database, and this email archiver simplifies the tasks of restoring the email server seamlessly. The main USB of the MailStore email archiving solution is their competitive pricing and flexible archiving.

Key features of MailStore email archiving is,

• Provide archiving facility from the mailboxes of the Email server and decentralized email client as well.
• Integrated Storage Technology
• Extremely Fast Search
• Export of Archived Email
• Compliance Management

5. Global Rely Archiving Solution

This is a cloud-based email archiving solution. The main USB of Global Rely is electronic message archiving, e-discovery solutions and supports nearly 50 data types which are stored in a private cloud repository.

Some of the features are,

• Data deduplication
• eDiscovery
• Retention Management
• Web Archiving

In addition to email archiving, Global Rely also captures IM, social media, Bloomberg and store it in a private cloud with the ability of federal search options. Also, it is specifically designed for the financial industry and other regulated businesses.

Thus, get benefited from the various options according to your business needs and choose a best email archiving solution for your organization.