Facts about MacBook Air

  • Cost efficient and longer battery life

MacBook Air is more affordable than the other versions of MacBook notebooks like MacBook Pro models. Even a 13-inch MacBook Air with a 1.8GHz processor and 128 GB SSD storage sells below $1000. A 13-inch MacBook Air has more battery life which gives a 14 hour uninterrupted browsing experience.

  • USB Ports and SD Card slots

MacBook Air has a regular dual USB 3.0 ports which perfectly fits many of the peripherals which still uses the square type USB Type-A connector. Thus, these regular USB port size prevents from buying an array of dongles and adapters. Also, if you use an SLR camera or any regular camera, MacBook Air provides his user with a separate slot for SD Card. Unlike, in other latest models like MacBook Pro where we need to use a card reader or attach a USB cable from the camera to the laptop to use these SD cards.

  • MagSafe Connector

For power connector, MacBook Air uses the old MagSafe Connector, which does not crash to the floor when we stumble upon the power cord accidentally. Instead, it automatically detaches the cable from the MacBook Air if there we put any pressure on the cord. This ensures the notebook safety from physical damage.

  • Sharp Face Time Call

With 720-pixel high definition camera, MacBook Air allows the users to make Facetime calls across various Apple devices to iPhone 4 or later, iPad and other Mac products. The widescreen format gives a broader coverage and does not compromise on the image clarity, even if they are on the other side of the world. The dual mic in Air makes the Facetime call even clearer and louder which intelligently detects your voice and reduce the background noise by using the adaptive audio beam.

  • LED Display

With a resolution of 1440×900 pixel, MacBook Air gives a vibrant, colourful visual experience to the viewers with the help of LED backlighting feature. These are more useful to jobs which involves photo editing, creating presentations and video making process.

  • Built-in light sensor and backlit keyboard

MacBook Air can be worked even in the dimmest lighting with the use of the backlit keyboard feature. Also, it contains a unique built-in feature which automatically adjusts your notebook screen’s brightness and contrasts accordingly to ambiance you work on. For example, it will alter the light of the screen when you are sitting on a patio on a bright sunny day or increase the brightness slightly when you work on a night flight. This is possible by the ambient light sensor feature in the MacBook Air model.

  • Spacious Multi-Touch Trackpad

Whether it’s a three-finger touch to get a bird’s-eye view of everything that runs on the MacBook which activates the mission control or a found-finger pinch to view all the apps in the launchpad, multi-touch gestures in MacBook Air undoubtedly engage its user in a fun and intuitive way.

Thus, learn more about the various models of the MacBook Air and take an informed decision in owning any of the MacBook products. Also, sell your old MacBook product through a trusted website and get upgraded to a new version of the Mac notebooks.

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