Top Email Archiving Solutions in 2018

Email communication from over the past few decades has become an integral part of effective two-way communication platform to keep track of work records. Every organization is looking for several ways to store their old emails in a safe and secure environment and at the same time an ability to retrieve the old email in a hassle free way.

Here are some of the top email archiving solution providers which has got excellent customer feedback over the years.

  1. Barracuda Archiver

Barracuda archiver provides a complete solution for all your Email archiving needs. It greatly helps in reducing the data load put on the main mail server. It does not charge extra amount for additional users. It allows the user to set up this email archiver either through active directory or LDAP directories.

The Barracuda Archives USB is Retention, Compliance, and e-discovery.
Barracuda includes some of the key features like,

Easy access control
• Data deduplication
• Backup and Compliance Management
• Data Retention
• Storage
• Encryption
• Threat protection

It quickly integrates into the email system within an hour. The uses can deploy into several locations like Cloud, SaaS or Web. Also, they provide 24/7 support with training sessions through webinar as well.

2. The email laundry

Now you can store all your email and attachments in one central repository system. Over 10000 organizations use this email archiving solution which makes it be the widely used email archiving solution among its competitors.
The email laundry USB is threat intelligence, advanced predictive analytics, and impersonation detection.

Some of the salient features of ‘The email laundry’ archiving solutions are,

Effective defense against ransomware, viruses and malicious attacks.
• Earlier Threat Detection
• Developed by In-House R&D Department.
• Excellent 24/7 Support With a 5-Star rating

3. Mail Server

MailStore server uses flat thunderbolt database, and this email archiver simplifies the tasks of restoring the email server seamlessly. The main USB of the MailStore email archiving solution is their competitive pricing and flexible archiving.

Key features of MailStore email archiving is,

• Provide archiving facility from the mailboxes of the Email server and decentralized email client as well.
• Integrated Storage Technology
• Extremely Fast Search
• Export of Archived Email
• Compliance Management

5. Global Rely Archiving Solution

This is a cloud-based email archiving solution. The main USB of Global Rely is electronic message archiving, e-discovery solutions and supports nearly 50 data types which are stored in a private cloud repository.

Some of the features are,

• Data deduplication
• eDiscovery
• Retention Management
• Web Archiving

In addition to email archiving, Global Rely also captures IM, social media, Bloomberg and store it in a private cloud with the ability of federal search options. Also, it is specifically designed for the financial industry and other regulated businesses.

Thus, get benefited from the various options according to your business needs and choose a best email archiving solution for your organization.

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